Day 265: 20th September 2022 | Graham and I are on our way to Randy’s funeral πŸ˜”

I’m much calmer than I thought I’d be. I am so grateful Graham is with me ☺️

Update: 8:12 pm | I am in bed am absolutely exhausted. Today has been extremely long.

Graham and I arrived super early given we had been told to arrive at least a half hour before hand to ensure we got parking.

Only the immediate family and funeral staff were there when we arrived. Seeing the coffin being taken out of the Hurst and into the Chapel made everything start feeling real. We walked behind the family who was behind the coffin to show how few people were there at this point.

After coming back from the toilets we went to find seats. The first two on either side were reserved for family. We sat in the third row from the front.

It was an open coffin. I had not expected that. I had started welling up in tears since seeing the coffin in the Hurst drive past us while we were waiting in the car parked in a different place.

We had to ask where to go for the Chapel.

The open casket broke me. Graham stayed by my side throughout. It took me a number of minutes before I could actually walk up to the coffin and properly say goodbye.

To actually see him there in the flesh so beautiful yet with a tinge of blue was surreal. And now I’m crying again 😒

I love you Randy. Thank you for being my friend πŸ’™πŸ’œ

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