I’m so in my pain!😫

Worked on assignment

Andrew came past to drop lawn mower off

He stayed and chatted while I ate scrambled eggs for a late breakfast

Worked on assignment some more

Mowed front yard

Sprayed the weeds

Worked on assignment again

Spoke to Randy for a short video call

Picked up the dog poo in the backyard

Spoke to the support worker agency for 22nd minutes

Walked Boss have no idea how long but maybe 20 – 30 minutes

I made two videos some point between all of the above

I have eaten dinner while watching Echoes on Netflix episode 7

Now, I’m writing this

Days like today are the days I need to remember if or when I don’t get the grades I want

The level my pain is at is excruciating

So I take pain medication

I have spent most of today having to remind myself that this is why I am on disability because of the health conditions literally make absolutely everything so much more difficult to do

I have felt sad and irritated off and on throughout the day

I feel like I have wasted all my time and screwed up so badly with uni

I almost cried again today regarding my assignment

But I catched myself and saw and felt what I was doing

I don’t even want to study psychology anymore

It truly does not matter what grade I get as long as I pass

But my perfectionist mind or now that I think about it my ego doesn’t except that

So I am focusing on being kind to myself

I hope anyone put there who might need see this knows if you are beating yourself up over something

You are doing the best you can

I fully believe this

You are worthy exactly as you

I know I need to keep working on reminding myself of being nice to myself

So maybe we can help each other remember or take this and use it with your friends

Having self compassion is so important

I love you all

We are all connected

6:21 pm

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