It’s raining and that makes me happy πŸŒ§πŸ˜Œ

I don’t overly enjoy therapy once again. I don’t like being in the room with so many low vibrating people. I know how that sounds but I seriously feel really triggered when I’m there. Like it’s negating the work I’ve already done, and instead makes me focus on the bad. Which I’ve only just realised is obviously the point but so they just keep getting the better of me.

I was having a great day but left group feeling terrible. I got McDs on the way and stoned once I got home. Then ated too much crap like I tend to usually do.

Now I feel shitty, my bladder is driving me insane not emptying and I wanted to be asleep hours ago given I have decided once and for all, unless I have somewhere to be, I’m not setting alarms. I’m keeping the dog door closed at night so Boss always wakes me.

Faith has decided to come next week instead since she’s busy with work, and I still have to finish and submit my assignment. Another week of being border of the same thing. Hopefully that feeling will motive men to just get it done already.

I need to sleep now. I feel like I’m forgetting something but oh well lol

10:24 pm

I remember. 10:25pm. I saw somewhere on my stats or something(I can’t remember exactly lol) that three months ago I had 103 YouTube subscribers 😁 Now I have 285! πŸ₯³

So Exciting!!!

P.S. I need to keep reminding myself to focus on the good, so instead of thinking about being bored regarding my psychology assignment, I am going to focus on how lucky I am to be at university, going to graduate with a Double Degree in Psychology and Philosophy, especially, since, I didn’t even graduate High School because I have always gone blank in exams. I left school before my final year was even over. Anyway, I’m so tired now. Night Everyone x

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