I’m having a great day so far ☺️

My application for an extension on my psychology assignment was granted 🥳

It actually turns out that the psychology department at my university has decided to give all students who have a disability support plan in place that allpws them to request extensions without having to get medical paperwork everytime, which is what I have, are automatically being given the extra two weeks for all assignments moving forward! How amazing is that!!

I don’t even have to apply for extensions anymore since I will automatically get the extra two weeks added to the due date. This is such a relief in so many ways.

I read in the group chat this morning that someone hasn’t even started the assignment yet and based on the way the message was written it doesn’t appear like the student has an extension since they were asking how hard the assignment is. Talk about nerve racking 😬

I am thankfully feeling much better about my assignment and everything in general which is great!

I have finally gotten around to soaking my vape again. I never remember to do it regularly but thankfully it’s not too bad this time lol

It’s so sunny outside yet also really cold and weather says rain is coming sometime soon. I warmed up my house when I got up but turned it off after my shower but the temperature dropped too much so I’ve put it back on because I can’t function very well when I’m cold.

Once I’ve finished this blog I’m going to take Boss for a walk. I have a phone appointment with uni at 2:30 pm today to review my disability plan and what I need in place to continue to help me achieve my best. Besides these two things, I will be focusing on my assignment. Now that I have extra time, I am feeling much better about it and can see where I was going wrong and what I had been missing.

The only thing that’s not great today is the fact that I have an extremely bad headache. Like super bad. I’m hoping that some food and nurofen will help.

Anyway, time to get moving. I’m going to keep listening to my textbook while I walk Boss 😁

Have a great day everyone! I’ll make my daily video later on today sometime 🥰

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