Day 236: 22nd August 2022 | Really hope my mood gets better πŸ™„

It’s only 10:16 am, and I already feel flat and pissed off.

Grant called, waking me up, and we chatted via video for a while. Turns out I was right; his wife does not like how close we are or that he used to wake me every morning. Though he did explain my situation well, saying that I am spiritually married since I have loved Mr X for so long and have no interest in dating ever again. I hope Grant’s wife can see I’m not and never have been interested in Grant that way. I even told her that when I met her.

Also, it turns out that the number of times my regular follower has constantly offered money as donations or to purchase things for me was all talk! I should have known. I feel so stupid for always believing and trusting others, but I don’t know how to be any other way. I don’t judge people on all the dickheads before them. So, I have wasted far too much time and energy looking into how to set up a way that people who wish to donate to me since I now realise I was being played.

I will not be responding to non-stop messages and emails from here on out.

Now to call and find out what this group therapy is costing me, and then onto my assignment. I may end up getting a week’s extension, after all, to relieve any extra stress or overwhelm. Another student I have been chatting with regularly has requested a week extension and it was like in that moment when she told me, I realised that I probably should too. It doesn’t mean that I need to take the full extra week but it would elevate the pressure of the current deadline of this Friday the 26th of August.

Anyway, time to start my day. Wish me luck.

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