Day 228: 14th August 2022 | Trying to add a donation page to my website 🤨

But once again, I am very confused about the technical side of running a website, so I have emailed the Happiness Engineers to ask for help.

I have created a new ‘About Me’ page on my website explaining who I am, why I share stories, and the process I use, of filming all that I can and uploading the content without viewing anything first. Including my psychology appointments. I have published this page and yet cannot see it anywhere on my actual site.

I have also created a ‘Donate to Liv’ page, since, many of you have expressed interest in helping me, so I would like to make it so that you can. The thing is, my ABN number is in my full name, and I am not sure what information will be available for people to see. I very much plan to keep my professional life moving forward, separate from my Storytelling website and channel.

I am feeling flat today but am going to try and work through some more of the weekly content. I know I have 12 days to finish my assignment but those 12 days will fly by, based on previous assignment history. So, hopefully catching up will get me out of this funk.

Oh and once again, I did what, I have been trying not to do for years, but just keep stuffing up! I overshared while walking Boss yesterday to a woman I started talking to who lives around the corner from me. I think this knowledge and this ability to now see everything so clearly, and yet not seem to stop making the same dumb mistakes, is playing into how shit I feel as a person. I really had thought I was doing so much better in life but right now, I am struggling to see anything other than everything I continue to do wrong, proving to myself over and over again why no one wants to be in my life in person.

Grant is fine thankfully. His phone literally was broken and he has had to buy a new one to replace it, hence the settings I have noticed that has changed. Andrew comes to see me, which is nice. I enjoy his company, but again, we are neighbours. I’m not someone who would ever be invited to anything etc.

Ah well, at least I’m not still back in the scenes of ice users, so I guess that’s something. Last night at 3:30 AM I was woken up by absolutely terrifying screams and what sounded like someone in full-blown ice rage. The cops arrived minutes after the screaming started. It was like nothing I have ever heard before. I was too scared to even look out the window. The cops kept yelling “get on the ground” over and over again as well as many other things. I sounded horrible so I can only imagine how bad it must have been to be witnessing whatever was going on.

Bloody hell, it’s 1:16 PM. I should get on with my day.

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