Day 226: 12th August 2022 | Up at 7 am since the backyard is being dug up to replace the pipes today ๐Ÿ˜…

I thought it would be smart to make sure I have all the water containers filled that I needed, especially the water cooler that I use to make coffee. I have one of those stand-alone filters that you put tap water in and it gets filtered by a special filter that gets replaced every six months. It also has a boiling hot filter, hence I have used it for coffee, since jug stopped working lol

I also had to move my car, which I have parked in Andrew’s driveway. He joked the other day about me needing to learn how to park better lol I find it so funny because he’s actually right lol

The first guy has arrived since making this video.

I want to work on content for a few hours before going back to my assignment. Thankfully I can spend the next two weeks focused solely on it.

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