Remembered I had these just before. Hadn’t even opened the box before tonight 🥱

That changes tonight. I need a decent deep sleep; hopefully, that doesn’t involve bad dreams, which I’ve been having a lot of.

This is how many times I had to take a picture due to the rest all being blurry 😆

I have taken these ⬆️ as well as others, but that was so many years ago. I was pretty sure that you take it right before bed, but I decided to check anyway 😶

Earlier the following thought crossed my mind. I need to have a lot more followers based on what I’ve read so far regarding becoming an Ambassador for sex toys, so, in the meantime, I am just going to buy the new toy I want and focus all of my restless energy on spending so much time by myself on masturbating more often.

The other night I got myself off for the first time in a little and, like always, I was reminded of how amazing it makes me feel and the tension relief that comes with it. Plus, I mixed it up a little bit with the toys 😝

I updated the payment information in my eBay account, so I will finally purchase the compression gloves I need and the new phone charger cables. One for inside and the other for the car. I found a different kind of glove that I think will help more. Three pairs. Inside the house the car and my handbag. Get off. Just the pink toy in the picture above 😜

Then a sleeping pill to sleep for as long as I sleep. Getting a massage tomorrow at 6:30 PM and would like to pick up a few things from the supermarket, as well as see Andrew. Provided I’m awake whenever he’s around lol

Finally able to admit that I genuinely just don’t want to keep studying psychology anymore. I don’t enjoy how uni is organised. I don’t thrive without structure. I want to be in a class being taught it all in person. Instead, for the majority of the learning, you have to learn yourself. Read the textbook and watch weekly content of information, but almost every question asked to the teaching staff is, you are third-year students, you need to be able to figure it out, is the most general response. It’s beyond frustrating. The students are stressed. I’m paying $850 for the unit, yet, those in grad dip are paying $3500! For the same exact class! Oh, and I found out today that the last intake minimum WAM required was 84% for the start of mid-year in July, the beginning of trimester two. The mid-year psychology honours option is new. It started last year, I believe.

But anyway, it turns out the grade requirements are increasing because government funding is decreasing, resulting in smaller numbers of students being accepted into the degree. Like what. That hadn’t even crossed my mind but now I get it. I pay a government subsidised rate, which is why it’s $850, not $3500. More reasons to focus on what I truly love and want to spend my life becoming an expert in. Philosophy is one of those degrees where some people don’t even know what it means, and others say it’s pointless since the only decent job you can get with a philosophy degree is a philosophy lecturer. It’s so obviously perfect for me. Thank God I can now finally see what I have clearly been trying to deny to myself.

I have some vegan dessert (vegan ice cream lol) in the freezer, and I want some since it’s now midnight and I’m only just finishing writing this now. I’m a lot more tired now than before I started typing this.

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