Pacing / Dancing in my kitchen πŸ˜„ stoned πŸ€ͺ Waiting for the bath to fill πŸ› Listening to ToolπŸ‘Œ

Have just realised the bath filling up covers the music if I’m in the bathroom which I am.

So the perfect time to make my daily video 😁

6:31 PM

UPDATE: 6:38 PM (Feels a lot later!🀣) | I turned the taps off, however many minutes ago and am back in the kitchen replying to a intercross something or another student haha I have to check, emailed earlier asking to be added to the group chat πŸ˜€

Guess I’ll have to make my video later πŸ˜‰

Right now I just want to get in the bath, smoke some more weed and listen πŸ’ž

Right In Two – Actually in my personal top three favourites 😍

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