I have managed to change the sheets on my bed!🥳

So, I’m counting that as a win! 🤣

The washing is done but still in the machine but it’s fine for now.

I genuinely am not feeling great. I have to acknowledge just how bad it probably is to even drink alcohol given the daily medication I’m on. Not to mention the pain meds I take. I purposely didn’t take any pain meds yesterday because I knew I was going to be drinking, but it doesn’t seem to have helped. My entire body is aching 😟

So I am choosing to be kind to myself. Show myself more self-compassion and rest for however long I need to today. The main thing I wanted to do was change my sheets, and I have. Whether I hang the clothes on the clothes horse today or tomorrow is irrelevant and uni can also wait.

To anyone else feeling like I do, I would tell them to rest and recuperate since tomorrow is a day, and everything always gets done.

So, for now, I am lying on my bed with Boss watching true crime stories on YouTube 😊

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