Day 217: 3rd August 2022 | Part 2 | I must be stoned πŸ˜† I thought it was day 218 already πŸ€£

So.. you know how I sometimes need to do something one last time… well …

Today I smoked my last bong mix …  after having a conversation with someone at uni about how it is such a shit way to smoke weed

I lost myself at the end there lol and definitely in the moment overthought my life in its entirety, like being at uni and wanting to complete my degree to the best of my ability with whatever help I can get, since, as we all know, I need it.

I tell these stories the way that I do, simply because these stories, are my real life. And, I’m just one person. One person in a sea of nearly 8 billion other people. All of us here, together, yet so part away.

I’m going to go enjoy this lovely feeling and watch myself back and catch up on myself. It’s always fun to watch them back, especially when it’s situations like this and I’m pretty sure, even after catching up on Sunday nights and Monday’s second one and honestly, after just briefly flicking through the list of my uploaded videos, until I turn them all on and watch the first few seconds or minutes until I know lol.

I was born to share. It is literally what keeps me alive.

3:50 PM | Where did all the time go lol

Currently 4:10 pm and I’m copying all of this information over to my website. It is now 4:19 pm πŸ˜†

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4:22 PM. I have just lay down on my bed after putting socks, slippers and a hoodie, my university one, funnily enough lol ☺️

Anyway, I wonder to myself, if I had just met someone like me for the first time and been given the name of a site where the host literally films herself talking to her camera about herself and her life and, well basically like millions of other people on content creators on YouTube or other platforms.

You know what I’m “just realising” the “””” due to how many times I tend to have to actually “just realise” something before it actually sinks in??? πŸ€”πŸ€”

Case in point … bongs and I’m blank πŸ˜†

Time to stop typing and actually watch! πŸ˜‚

Oh that’s right! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

The thing that’s different about me unlike other creators, is, I am never* the first person to see my content 🀣

I don’t know what to say except that this is what works for me, and truthfully, I’m incredibly proud of my ability to share on this level of such pure raw authenticity so that hopefully, one day, I reach as many people as I can πŸ₯°

Anyway, I’m checking out and putting my phone away while I watch a few of my own videos since I’m honestly not sure how many I’m behind on. Definitely no more than a week. Not even a full week, I think.

I would love to walk Boss, and I know he needs it, but I’m not going to push myself. Especially given how nice my day has been so far, my current all round full body aching and tensed, exacerbated pain levels, contributed to by over three hours of driving in semi-peak hour traffic, seminar, thinking, brain melting, smoking bong, filming myself straight after I smoked the bong meaning we all get to see in real time how that goes. Should be fun.

Totally lost myself there πŸ˜†πŸ€£ I still hope to have some energy left to cook dinnerπŸ€žπŸ˜…

Ok. What I was thinking to myself earlier. If you had just been given a link to this website or my YouTube Channel, what order would you start watching/reading everything in? πŸ€”

I figured, at least in a video sense, you would start with today and work your way backwards. If you want my actual story to make sense, though, then you obviously have to start at the beginning of my actual blog, by using the wonderful, so helpful, archives and starting at the start.

On the day I opened this website, 27th December 2020, and write my first blog πŸ₯³

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