Neither tanned nor showered πŸ˜†

I think I knew from the moment I started watching my video that I probably wouldn’t make it. Though I did try to convince myself while finishing filling up my pillbox that I would at least still shower. I wanted to wash my hair ☺

Until I realised that I was getting woken up in person just after six sometime in the morning πŸŒ… Plenty of time to eat breakfast with a coffee and still have time to wash my hair in the shower. Plus, I fully remember that leaving even 10 minutes later can result a lot more time spent in traffic. Hence another lesson I’ve learned is not to make videos in the morning πŸ˜…

Its 8:51 PM. I have this mornings video paused on my TV. A few years minutes in and it’s only 13:42 minutes in total 😊

I think there’s a good chance I’ll be asleep at the end of this 😴

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