Day 206: 23rd July 2022 | I’m so exhausted I mixed Ritalin and Dexamphetamine today πŸ˜•πŸ™„

I know I’m not meant to do that, so please don’t anyone copy me. But I honestly feel like I’m sleepwalking while awake. I don’t totally understand what has been happening this past week.

All week I’m at a level of exhaustion where I don’t even feel safe driving (so on the odd occasion I have to, I drive super slow) and even carrying my dinner plate from the kitchen to my bedroom to eat while watching Friends, has been taxing. Multiple times I have felt like I was going to drop the plate.

I then get into bed, turn everything off, and nearly asleep, and then like clockwork, I wake up. And not only do I wake up, but I’m awake for bloody hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night, I was still awake after 1am! I would probably still be asleep if Grant hadn’t called me this morning at 11:01am.

I have realised, though, this week that taking days off definitely isn’t helping me. So, on days like today, even if all I manage is to listen to the articles being read out loud on my laptop for my assignment or working my way through the weekly content, again watching videos and/or listening to the textbook, it’s at least something and good enough.

There is one really good upside to being this exhausted, though: I’m far too wrecked to be mad or upset about how much or how little I actually manage to do. So, I am counting this as a win! haha

Thankfully, it does now feel like the dex is kicking in as I write this description lol Guess I better utilise my brain power while I’ve got it πŸ˜„

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