Day 204: 21st July 2022 | Part 2 | Had a strange conversation with the house valuer 🤨

I still have no definitive new information about what is going on, but it was the same guy as last time who came to value the house, and according to him, the house hadn’t been sold.

So, I explained what had transpired since seeing him last, and he was really surprised by it all. He tried to look up the information since I explained no one was telling me anything other than the house was sold with a 60-day settlement.

He said the house was put on the market in February this year but didn’t sell then. So, if it has been sold like I’ve been told, he is unaware of it, which he again found surprising.

He told me that even if it has sold, it is doubtful they will want to try and build anytime soon. He believes what may have happened is they have transferred the house title to another member of their family. But either way, he said, he is pretty sure they will likely want to keep me on if the owners change.

On a completely different note, it turns out that I need to change the light settings for my plant for it to start budding. I’m glad I have run out of the nutrients I need for it since I messaged the guy I get the plants from and told him how big the plant is, but there are no buds. I had no idea I had to change the lights, so very happy I know now, lol

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