Day 204: 21st July 2022 | Every alternative day I need to be extra kind to myself πŸ˜Œ

Because I have fully realised now that the reason I did become so upset on Tuesday afternoon (written blog, not a video) was simply due to the level of exhaustion I was dealing with.

I have been living with my health conditions for more than a decade. I’m on disability because of how severe they are and how much they affect me. I honestly don’t know why I constantly beat myself up for feeling dumb or slow. I know that I’m not and that I’m doing far more than what even my doctors can believe. This is what I need to focus on.

For years, I have known and dealt with days where my pain and exhaustion are in overdrive due to having had a busy, full day of activities the day before. This is why I have decided to complete my last four psychology units, one at a time. To allow me to rest on the days that I am more tired.

Thankfully, now that I am medicated for ADHD I am able to at least achieve some uni work, on days like today. I am happy and enjoying the readings for my assignment and am content to read these throughout today.

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