Day 201: 18th July 2022 | Yay! I fixed my laptop! There is sound! 🥳

I spent so long yesterday trying to figure out what was wrong with my laptop microphone and how to fix it. Long enough to put me tears for the second time that day. After I had another decent cry, I finally remembered to restart the device if all else fails. So that is what I did, and it worked!

I also realised yesterday that I will not allow university to break me. I choose to go to uni. I want to learn. I am doing my best, and that’s all I can ask of myself.

I woke up late today. Grant called me at 7:21am, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep until Andrew arrived for a visit, which was nice.

Unfortunately, I have had a lot of abdominal pain today, causing me to double over in excruciating pain. I have taken pain meds and have a heat pack on my tummy, but I am trying to work my way to taking Boss for a short walk. I know he needs one, and so do I. It will definitely be short though, that’s for sure.

It’s getting darker already, and it’s only 4:06pm, so I think I better stop typing and hurry up and get on with it before I decide to just not go, which isn’t fair on Boss.

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