I want to watch movies and rest this week â˜ºï¸ðŸ˜Œ

I’ve only just realised on Thursday that this is genuinely what I want to do. I read when I want and watch something when I want.

It’s not because I can’t do anything else. Because I can. I have done all the pressing things that need to be done, like create and send tax invoice for the workshop, google centrelink and read everything I can, but will call once I hear back from work so I’m not on hold for hours without all the information I need.

I have un-enrolled from my Psychopathology unit. I selected my preferences for my Personality unit timetable and know what I have to do regarding getting a note-taker once the timetable is released. Classes start back on the 11th of July.

Besides, Boss not being walked every day, which isn’t the worst thing to happen, I actually feel good; doing nothing but resting. I am truly listening to my inner self of guidance and doing what feels right.

I still haven’t vacuumed but my washing is done along with speaking to my doctor and calling the chemist to organise my meds.

It’s almost as if I can feel the massive difference between this lovely peaceful feeling of calm and serenity of today and the low vibrational, pessimistic, guilty feeling I’ve experienced throughout the week. Actually, that is exactly what I am feeling. Nothing else has changed except my own thoughts and feelings and yet absolutely everything has changed too.

I feel good today and I like it 💞

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