I achieved more than I thought I would when I made my last video! 不不

Rachel said something that motivated me enough to finally get up and finally use the solarium and then wash my hair in the shower.

I also decided to treat myself dinner, since I have paid all my bills and rent and really just didn’t have the energy to cook. Truth be told, I am super happy I at least got these two things done tonight.

Thai restaurant said it be delivered by 7:45pm. It’s 7:20pm now.

I’m going to rest until dinner arrives. These true crime stories told in a storyteller’s way on YouTube are really good. I’ve subscribed to the channel I like them so much. I’m currently halfway through a 15 minute video. Then I’ll watch another with dinner.

It’s being picked up as I type this. I’ve been craving it for days so I’m glad I treated myself. Plus the tutoring session covered it, so I didn’t have to use my savings

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