Day 152: 30th May 2022 | Part 3 | Overwhelm has taken over to the point of crying 😢

I am literally sitting here listening to all the reasons why I will never achieve anything. That I am kidding myself believing that I could ever help another. Why I should just close down my channel and my website. Because my stories aren’t all ‘safe’.

A lot of the time my stories are made in moments like these when I am in fact trying to keep me safe. I’m not sure how that helps anyone else.

M overwhelm and second-guessing is so bad at the moment that I had to take valium but still ended up crying.

I have a 16-page booklet to read through and then 13 online modules to work through before the course at 2pm on Wednesday. It is now 2:48pm on Monday. The original email was sent to me on the 25th of May, but I never saw it as it was in the junk and for some reason, I only saw it after they resent the link this morning.

Oh well, at least I have calmed down through making this video and typing this out. I guess that’s something.

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