Boss really doesn’t want to get out of bed today πŸ˜†

He is my baby and best friend πŸ₯°

Since making my bed and getting dressed and turning heat on in my home, he still needs to be under the covers. Even when I am not.

This is how he looks at me..
Until I help him under the blanket πŸ˜‚

I never know which temperature to leave heat on, and if 1 or 2 digits higher or lower changes the price πŸ˜…

But I have decided to just use it as needed so we are warm.

For whatever reason, I want to watch the video I made and uploaded this morning. I am watch some while having a coffee them start working on sorting out my clothes, but right now, I just don’t feel ready for that.

I have realised I may even have some dresses that I could potentially try to sell instead of just donating everything. But again, I am working my way up to it.

I have heard from uni and have been advised someone will contact me via email next week to set up a meeting.

I know everything I have to do and that it will all get done. It always does.

Boss is definitely nice and cosy 😁

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