I agree Univerise! I agree πŸ’—

We receive messages from beyond what we can “see” in so many different ways..

You lose absolutely nothing but can gain absolutely everything if you are willing to open your mind and heart enough..

I’m not asking you to open your mind to the possibility of a man in the sky controlling everything and that you can only be “saved” by welcoming the Lord and Christ into yourself. Believe me I’m not. Mostly because I myself believe that’s a bunch on nonsense, and I’m a philosopher remember, so I have very real reasons for what I believe in and that is none of them.

We are the the Universe experiencing itself in human form. The only thing you truly need to open your mind up to is that you, not your ego, but you, your true self, is capable of things I know it’s hard to believe.

Anyway, I’m tired now 😴

And Boss is eating most of my apple πŸ˜†

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