Day 133: 11th May 2022 | Part 4 | I brushed my hair!!☺️😁

If you like my videos just watch lol

I even brushed my hair

Yummy crumpets with jam and tea!
My hair is brushed for the first time since Sunday!
Good for me!! πŸ₯³
My beautiful baby! 😍
So handsome Boss! πŸ₯°
Homemade, strong THC oil..
How much I had..
Look at the difference πŸ˜†

Really not sure why I haven’t used this more. Especially since the big bottle of homemade stuff I was given to for free and the small 30ml bottle of prescribed dtuff costs $90 πŸ€”πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

I kind of want more. I think I was wrong before. I definitely didn’t take too much earlier. But I figure hey, that thought at least gave me the energy to do what I needed.. I’m going to fall asleep pretty soon after so I won’t be having any more lol 😴

And now I’m coughing again 😫

One response to “Day 133: 11th May 2022 | Part 4 | I brushed my hair!!☺️😁”

  1. Hi Liv how are you today.
    You got a great aura energy .

    Hasch oil is super strong prepare that you will be sleepy and get the Munchies eating everthing in the refrigerator . Chokolade cake, donuts , pizza πŸ•.
    Please dont take to much , you will sleep for three days , hasch oil is something else you just take maybe 4 drops ,i not an expert in that kind of subjects .

    I can send you information about a clinic in California that can help you on longdistance giving you advice which vitamin and other compounds to take that will help you so you dont have to take so much pain medicine it optimize your uptake of your medicin .

    You look great, you will get better and new Times will come to you ,hold on through harder times .
    Do you have a autoimmune disease ?

    I would like you in the future feeling better and that you ride your motorcykel , and listening to the song by : Audrey May Forever Young.

    Give Bigg Boss a big hug .
    Warm Greetings from Helsingborg Sweden


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