Day 130: 8th May 2022 | Last night was heaps of fun | Morning update πŸ˜€

I talked for longer than I thought I would πŸ˜†

Though that tends to happen a lot πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

I may write a better description later, but I also may not 😝

If you like my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, like my videos, and share with friends .. but please remember, if you share my website and channel with anyone, to please give them a head’s up, given I talk about anything and everything, regardless of the mood or state I’m in, and that my new favourite mantra I have developed since making my daily videos, is ..

“You can’t edit real life, so I don’t edit my videos.”

I also don’t even watch them before I upload them πŸ˜† I learn better this way, plus it’s really fun!! 🀣

Edit: I honestly can’t believe I forgot this in the moment, but shout out to all the Mothers of Fur Babies!! Boss is my boy, my family, one of my soul mates and I absolutely his Mum! πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ₯°

One response to “Day 130: 8th May 2022 | Last night was heaps of fun | Morning update πŸ˜€”

  1. Hi Liv , you are doing great journaling and blogg . Big Boss got to get better, you have a beautiful strong dog that is receiving so much love from you. Do you want to connect so we talk private.
    The only expirience i had from zipping alcohol that i get to be so tired the next day,it is not good for the adrenal gland, the third eye.
    I am so happy for you that you have so strong bonds and love to Mr X, Love of your life . You be strong,and in your life do the best you can to feel good in the body and mind,so when in the future Mr X comes in your life that you will be prepared. Eating good nutrition, doing morning stretching if it is possible, cold showers are good against anxiety new study shows that showering gives more dopamin and other activation then any drug shows the study. Chi Gong is easy and it is great in the morning activates the meridian in the whole body. Like i said you are super intelligent, beautiful whit all the intradimensional connections, please take care of your body. Big Boss needs you now when he is not feeling so good. He maybe ate something in the garden, he maybe got some inflammation, show him extra love so he can recover quick and heal.
    Thanks that you came up om my YouTube feed,you are a great Teacher.

    Have a nice day , Warm Greetings from Helsingborg Sweden


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