At my desk organising the last of my university notes and feeling glad that I can ๐Ÿ˜Š

I am already in love with Grammarly. Especially since it does work perfectly fine with WordPress.

I will admit I am probably feeling as “calm” as I do because I have taken a couple of valium since I got up, as well as taking the full ml of CBD oil like I’m supposed to. I usually take 0.5mls morning and night since, genuinely, I think that amount helps. However, I am prescribed 1ml morning and night. But the 50ml bottle of CBD oil costs $395. Making it last 50 days instead of 25 is just more economical.

Anyway, enough typing; it’s time to get back to what I was doing. The weather, how dark its getting and the sound of the crickets are making for a lovely tranquil evening at my desk.

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