The bugs are still taking up some of my energy πŸ˜’πŸ˜ 

I have no clue where they are coming from anymore. The tent is closed. I’ve even closed the door to the room, as much as I hate doing that.

But I swear they are following me. Randy saw approximately 2 of them and yet there’s at least 5 flying around my face while I listen to my textbook πŸ™„

I have asked them to leave so many times now. The flies always listen. As do the ants. Spiders obviously don’t bother me, given if I wasn’t vegan, I’d have a pet tarantula lol I actually have a 3 foot long by 1 foot high and wide (I think based on the size of Sebastian’s enclosure) out the back in my undercover area, that would be absolutely insanely awesome for a pet tarantula. I just feel bad enough as it is for Sebastian being in an enclosure..

But, back to the point of this blog, that I am writing when I should be listening to reading, is that there is obviously something I’m missing in some aspect because there is no logical reason why these tiny little flying bgs are following me.

I mean, I’m clean and showered. House is clean. Weed tent turned off. Oohhh I wonder if the fact the pots that the plants were in, are still in the tent, is attracting them??πŸ€”

How good would that be if all it takes is moving the pots outside and dumping the soil in them in the garden. Especially since I actually still need to actually plant some stuff. Once I learn what grows all year or this time of year…

Wish me luck guys .. I am completely at peace except for this so here’s hoping I figure out what I need to learn and that moving the pots helpsake a difference πŸ™

Ok.. so I googled and found the information I have screen shot and added here as pictures. It does appear like the reason they might still be flying around is because the pots are still sitting in tent. Which is a mess, since it looks like the pots leaked a bit.

No wonder there are still bugs πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

I am going to move them now and actually clean the tent properly to see if that makes a difference.. if it does.. then my takeaway lesson from this experience will be..

I knew the bugs were attracted to the plants.. meaning that I obviously should have done everything that was required to be done at the same time. If I had thought more ahead, I would have figured this out…

Nope that doesn’t even sound right to me. Think I’m going to actually go sort this out now and think more about why only doing half a job doesn’t help me at all πŸ˜…

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