Day 98: 6th April 2022 | Part 3 | I am achieving more than I realised πŸ˜

One of the things I love about Andrew is that I learn something new every time we hang out together. Plus he never makes me feel crazy when I explain in person some of the things I talk about on here, or don’t know how to talk about, like my story regarding Mr X.

He understands what I am saying and why I feel the way I do, I think πŸ€”πŸ˜… But also agrees that I could very well just come across like the scoured “other woman”. Though considering how many years since I’ve seen Mr X in reality, I personally don’t see how I can, but also appreciate others might think I’m hoping for his marriage to implode. But since he’s always with me in the higher dimensions all I want is for him to be truly happy that’s all, so I’m not hurting anyone.

Anyway, today Andrew explained to me that when he said he doesn’t know how I do it in regards to these videos and blogs, he actually meant all the time and effort that goes into them. From making the video, to writing the descriptions, like this one, and then sharing it all across to my website.

I guess because I’ve now been writing blogs for over a year and making daily videos for 98 days now, I don’t really ever consciously think about how much effort goes into it. But a lot does! So, Andrew pointing this out to me today, has really made my day! Especially since I tend to be so hard on myself, even though I try not to.

We ended up speaking about a number of things that are literally where I am up to in my ADHD book, so, I’ve shared a bit of what the book says 😊

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