Day 91: 30th March 2022 | Weed Specialist appointment went really well! πŸ˜

It really is so helpful to me when I record telehealth appointments. I forget so much that is said to me usually, so being able to watch them back myself is awesome! 😁

I share because I am the only one actually in the video and no information was said that can reveal anyone’s identification. On the rare occasion a name is said, like the pharmacist’s in this one, there is no way people will figure it out, and truthfully I can’t imagine why anyone would want to 🀨

I am so happy with how the appointment went! My weed specialist is frickin awesome!!! Plus finding out that thc oil costs so much less than cbd oil is even better!! I am so excited to start figuring out what works for me. Plus if I can get oils that help me during the day and still get to vape at night, than that is the best news ever!! 😝

Besides this, I have also had my eyes tested and purchased new glasses. There is a sale on for two pairs of glasses for $199..Didn’t matter which ones you picked. I have finally gone back to the frame shape that I like the most, after the past number of years wearing big frames as the places I went didn’t have the shape I prefer. Thankfully the place I went today did. One pair is Quicksilver and cost $249 and the other pair is Tommy Hilfiger for $299! Besides the frames being on sale, they also had 30% off all other purchases, so including getting anti glare and smudge proof and whatever they needed to be the best they can be, it cost me $297 in total!! So happy!! πŸ₯³

Now I have a few things to do and then I’m going to watch MAFS catchup from last night.

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