Shut your mouth you talk too much.. are the song lyrics repeating themselves in my head πŸ™„

So I made myself one of my favourite drinks and had a vape. Then talked to my camera. The video is currently uploading to YouTube now. This was done at approximately 1:50pm πŸ˜…

Realised afterwards that I could have just talked to my camera without having a vape and drink but figure, hey at least I feel like me again and that monetary lapse in emotions was really only very brief. So it’s actually something to be proud of 😊

Which now that I think about it, is even more funny, given the lyrics that have been stuck in my head 🀣 Yet, maybe the lyrics are saying “shut your mouth you talk too much” because I needed all of these things to happen for me to actually see just how important it is that I keep my professional life separate and away from this site.

Really need to do what I tell myself to πŸ˜…

Being free from my families judgement and how they might react to something I say or do os what has allowed me to truly be able to be me. Now I have no issues whatsoever about what they might have to say about it. But it would be really dumb if my work did know about this because I would go back to being in my head about what i post, which completely detracts from the point of having this website πŸ™„

So I am very happy and grateful that all it took was my glasses being scratched, which I have neded to replace for months anyway, a message I was able to unsend and a drink and vape before 2pm in the afternoon, for me to realise just how important it is to my site first and foremost for me 😁

The lyrics are from Bring Me The Horizons song 1×1 🀩

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