Day 88: 27th March 2022 | Part 4 | So much time spent overthinking things that don’t even exist yet😅

There’s a huge part of me that does want to tell the company I just got a volunteer job with, about my websites. I obviously understand why my friends are saying that’s a bad idea, but that doesn’t change the fact that it still feels almost wrong not to disclose given the vision of the company. I honestly still can’t believe how similar it is to what I have been envisioning (to an extent) for the past six years.

I really am trying to live what I believe. That everything happens for the sake of your Higher Self. That everything happens for a reason. That belief, if you are able to actually sit in it, to hold that space, doesn’t allow for overthinking. To truly be in the now is almost an enigma yet I believe that if we keep doing the best we can to keep being our best selves, then we can get closet to it everyday.

I have not been asked why I do not have socials. I have not been asked if I tell stories in any capacity given that I do say I’m a storyteller. I haven’t been asked anything of anything in fact, and yet, I have hopefully spent enough hours overthinking it, that I could have probably already finished the personality booklet of notes. Yet I’m only on page 3! I seriously need to get out of my head!!!

I talked about a number of different things.

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