Day 66: 5th March 2022 | Woke up late + Need to read Psychology articles properly for uni notes 😅

I definitely over did it yesterday. I originally said I’d go home instead of the dog park to meet Nichele’s best friend, but I ended up going. I had fun, but was so exhausted I definitely wasn’t myself. I ended up going to sleep just before 9pm a d waking up at 11.30am today.

I’ve been speaking with Rachel since I got up and she has given me some tips on the best way to learn and make uni notes. Starting with reading the entire articles before starting to make notes. I am still yet to completely read them both, so that is today’s goal. My computer is open to the first article, in front of me. I’m such a slow reader these days, my inner critic constantly beats me up for taking so long. But, that isn’t helping me, so, I need to focus on the positive aspects of my learning.

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