One thing is for sure, I definitely watched too much TV ๐Ÿ“บ ๐Ÿ˜‚

Because it just feels so strange not having it on. Or even just Friends on as background noise.

But I am already noticing the difference between this evening and being far more focused on what I am actually doing then in the past.

I haven’t heard from Grant and given the day I know he’s had, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just fallen asleep. Worked out well in the end, given I have a headache. Though Rachel did suggest a coffee and hot shower, since apparently caffeine and hot water are natural ways to help reduce headache pain. I’m having a coffee now.

I haven’t yet decided if I will use laptop to watch anything but at the rate I’m going, I doubt it. Another important reason for removing the tv is because I would keep it on and keep myself awake some nights just binge watching shows.

I want to actually be attuned to what my body wants and needs so that I can give it the best โ™ก

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