Video was at 90% uploaded.. went to check it’s finished so I can share.. it’s restarted uploading again đŸ˜­

I’ll definitely be asleep before it’s published tonight.

So frustrating. Thankfully I am aware of how tired I am, so am not letting this annoyed feeling get the better of me, since I know better than anyone, being annoyed about situations like this is pointless.

It will take as long as it takes to upload. Just like the upgrade to internet speeds will happen when it’s supposed to.

On a completely different note, I am backing up absolutely everything onto new cloud storage and there are sooo many photos being backed up which I can see in this new app, that I haven’t seen in years.

Anyway, my head is really sore and I think I’m too tired to keep watching Killing Eve. I want Boss to come give me cuddles but I’ve been calling him for ages and he just keeps ignoring me 🙄

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