Day 49: 16th February 2022 – Part 3 – Have postponed appt, now trying to get Boss inside ๐Ÿ˜…

The antibiotics have made me feel terrible. Worse than before I started taking them. So I called the hospital and let them know and the lady was so nice and understanding and was able to change my appointment to next Wednesday afternoon.

Since filming this I have managed to get Boss inside so thats good.

The other thing I mention is how nice everyone is in the MAFS subreddit page and all the responses I have received about my post asking for help regarding my ADHD issues. All the lovely people replying and messaging me are reminding me that there really is so much good in this world too. Even though we don’t hear about it nearly as often as the bad stuff.

My voice is now getting bit better but still really hurts to talk.

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