Day 2: 31st December 2020 – Happy New Years Everyone!♡

I’ve been feeling more emotionally stable than ever before, confident, and finally ready to accept and embrace that I am a ‘Manifesting Queen’ who really can manifest basically everything provided its something I don’t think about again.

Letting the things you want to manifest, really only works when you have a thought and thats all it is. For me, its happening so quickly. Within hours something I have thought of is appearing in some form around me. I have so many examples but am in far too much pain and really need to wrap this up. My other post, I mentioned in the video will be uploaded tomorrow.

Anyway, I feel good. I feel happy that the people who are obviously no longer needed in my life the Universe removes but more importantly, it doesn’t hurt me anymore. I that is what i feel good about.

But now its time to reheat some food and just eat and watch Netflix. Think I’ll be asleep throughout the day tomorrow. Ahh but I will post a video. I am feeling proud that so far I have stuck to what I said I wanted to do 😁🥰

As always sending light and love to everyone!!! And HAPPY NEW YEARS 🥳🥳

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